Life gives us many opportunities to grow.  It is a  journey and an adventure.  While on our journey we walk along roads that challenge us with complex questions, difficult problems, painful experiences.  We can look at these opportunities as scary and overwhelming , or we can see that we have the chance to be more curious, more courageous and creative with our lives and relationships.  We can decide to grow, learn and evolve into the best person we want to be.  Along the way we may get stuck, from time to time, and are faced with feelings, situations and obstacles that seem too big for us to figure out all on our own.  Sometimes it seems you need a tour guide or a detective trained in the skills of life or, perhaps, a trained therapist to help guide you from falling into the same hole in the same street over and over again.  I  am here to help you face life’s many mysteries, twists, and turns.  Let’s follow the clues you bring from your life and solve the troubling questions that keep disabling you from finding joy and peace in your life.  My hope is that, with assistance, you can enhance your own personal evolution and be more successful on your life journey.

If you have arrived here by chance and are searching for answers  to difficult personal growth issues or are seeking marriage  counseling or need date coaching or have family or relational questions that you are struggling with, welcome and congratulations on taking a big step in your journey towards personal growth and self improvement.

Feel free to stay awhile. Hopefully the information you find on this site will help you on your quest. If you have some general questions feel free to contact me personally for a free confidential chat. I am here to be your champion and counselor throughout your journey and will be happy to offer whatever assistance I can.  I will invest my 31+ years of experience as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist to assist you in finding the skills and confidence you need to regain the power that will help you feel centered and happy.

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