Do you find yourself making excuses as to why others are not attracted to you? Do you find yourself attracting people you are not physically attracted to because of the way you look or feel about yourself?  Do you sense that the people you do attract and date often prey upon your vulnerability and low self esteem to exploit you?

Needless to say, there are many variables to consider when discussing the “laws of attraction.” And, our health, vitality, and physicality are often cited in surveys as important criteria we all use to evaluate potential mates.  In context with the big picture, how we look, carry ourselves, and value health and fitness as reflected in our hygiene and appearance are factors many daters rely upon in determining who to screen out and who we may deem suitable for dating or for a potential future relationship. Sadly, the reality in the hustle and bustle of modern life as evidenced through the popularity of “speed dating events” is that first impression do matter. People want to avoid or quickly escape from situations that make them uncomfortable. If we are honest with ourselves we must admit that we often do judge the book by it cover…

However, just to be clear, this page is not about becoming a “hard body.” Physical fitness is obviously more that just a vanity thing. How we feel and how much we value how our bodies look and function goes right to the heart of our self confidence, our attractiveness to others, and how effective we are at attracting those who share our core values. So, at IDateSmarter we won’t advocate becoming a gym rat. It enhance your ability to find or attract “The Right One” any more than a singles bar. If you have a poor attitude or you are an emotional wreck it won’t matter what you look like on the outside. You may still give off all the wrong signals that attract all the wrong matches.

At IDateSmarter, we hold functional fitness as one of our “Cornerstone Principles” for creating a positive attitude and self-concept.  Therefore, in the IDateSmarter Fitness Zone we take a holistic approach to functional fitness as an important element in a comprehensively strategy  we call our “IDea+ Blueprint” for preparing you to date smarter and thereby attract your true match.

Feeling powerful in our own lives allows us to move confidently and purposefully toward all our goals including finding suitable dating companions or a life partner.  Therefore, functional dating fitness is all about becoming your best healthy and fit you and being comfortable and confident in your own skin regardless of body type or physical shape. While fitness should not be used to compensate for other equally important elements I cover in my program, a functional fitness strategy should not be neglected or discounted.

If you would like to learn more about our holistic approach to fitness and how we can integrate various fitness and nutritional elements and strategies into a comprehensive IDateSmarter IDeA+ Blueprint for you, contact me today for details about a free assessment!